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Child detection

For many parents it has become important to know what their children do without their supervision. There are only a few parents left who can accompany their children on their way to school, drive them to every music lesson or training. Concerned parents can and may explicitly locate their children's mobile phone, which they have provided for their children's constant availability.

Anyone whose child has ever been late for school without telling them knows the hell of worries and fearful fantasies parents have to live through in such situations. These nightmares are now over. With our mobile phone tracking system, parents can locate their child's mobile phone at any time - completely without the child's action or knowledge.

Of course, emergency tracking of children is only appropriate if the child does not answer for a certain period of time and parents need to know where the child is. For this purpose, the mobile phone can be localised and thus the exact location of the child can be determined.

Mobile phone tracking for children is the determination of the current location of a child or its mobile phone. Tracking the child's movements through several locations is called tracking or a trace. This is also offered by our mobile phone tracking software by default.

Mobile phone tracking on loss

Mobile phone tracking should be initiated surprisingly as a first measure in case of loss of your mobile phone, because if the mobile phone has been stolen by theft, you should not lose any time and find out its location as soon as possible before a possible perpetrator switches off the mobile phone or removes the SIM card. A search for witnesses who have witnessed the theft is usually useless, because it is only seconds that the perpetrator needs for the phone theft and many perpetrators proceed professionally. But if you left your mobile phone somewhere at the last party or simply put it in the sports bag of a teammate by mistake, this can also be detected very quickly by using our app.

With our mobile phone tracking software your mobile phone can be tracked down at any time by determining its current location. Don't wait until your mobile phone is lost in a theft - protect yourself with our software so that your mobile phone can be found again in no time.

However, if your mobile phone has already been stolen, you should report this directly to the police. This will help you avoid unexpectedly high costs caused by the thief using your phone. At the same time, the SIM card should also be locked and, if necessary, the passwords of Facebook and Co should be changed. Mobile phone tracking via IMEI is also possible, but this always involves locking the phone at the same time. In the case of theft, a IMEI location can be helpful, because it can be located and locked at the same time.

Locating employees

Anyone who runs a company or has personnel responsibility at work knows how expensive it can become if employees do not do what they are actually paid for. Especially when employees are trained to take the shortest and fastest routes and thus save time and money. However, it is also known that not everyone necessarily adheres to this and therefore companies also have the possibility to track the mobile phone that was provided to the employee. This monitoring of employees is permitted via our mobile phone tracking service. Also legally seen the barrier for mobile phone tracking is very low.

The Employee mobile phone location service should not of course serve the employer as a permanent monitoring, but should consciously improve the daily work routine and improve the work processes. The coordination of a forwarding agency of truck drivers, for example, can be used very well via our app for mobile phone location. Mobile phone tracking is also ideally suited for the better control and coordination of field staff and, due to its high level of convenience and maximum accuracy, offers a far better localisation of employees than, for example, GPS trackers and vehicle tracking devices.

Secret mobile phone tracking of third parties and unauthorized tracking of spouses

Mobile phone tracking is not always possible without consent and approval, and even in the case of the unauthorised tracking of spouses, "ignorance does not protect you from punishment". The location of strangers and spouses can be determined via GPS, but locating a mobile phone without consent can lead not only to marital disputes but also to legal consequences.

However, there are exceptions. For example, when tracking children, a secret tracking can be carried out, just like tracking your own mobile phone. If you want to locate a foreign mobile phone, you should ideally ensure that you do so with the owner's permission.

Locating old people

The population in Germany is getting older and older and this poses new problems for society. One problem is that many senior citizens are struggling with disorientation. People of senior age lose their orientation more quickly than younger people and then no longer know where they actually wanted to go or where they are. This can scare relatives a little bit. Often they always try to send an accompanying person, but this proves to be unpractical and expensive in everyday life. An alternative is to have the mobile phone tracked for seniors, this allows the current location of the person and to find them quickly. In the case of Alzheimer's disease, for example, our mobile phone tracking system can help to protect patients from hypothermia or dehydration, especially in winter.

The location of senior citizens is possible with standard smartphones.

There are only rare cases where a mobile phone tracking is possible for free without registration and this is the case when the police wants to track a mobile phone. For the owner of a mobile phone the localisation of his hand is free of charge, but in this case the smartphones have already fallen victim to theft. Locating a mobile phone without registration is otherwise not possible and costs are incurred.

Locate animals/dog

Man's best friend - the loyalty and affection that dog owners receive from their pets is something you don't want to exchange for anything. For these people it is a great loss if the pet is no longer to be found. There are many reasons why dogs or cats run away and do not find their way back home. If you love your dog or cat, you can use GPS tracking for animals to find your pet again. The animals are equipped with a GPS pet collar and can be located. It is important that the GPS collar does not get lost, because then even a tracking service cannot help.

Our tracking software makes it possible to locate any mobile phone worldwide on the basis of the phone number. This is of course not a spy app, but a service that helps you and your friends to monitor your own smartphone device.

iPhone search / Android phone location

For many iPhone users, their own iPhone is indescribably important, as it contains the most personal data and is usually not quite cheap either. With Apple's "Search iPhone" app, an iPhone can be located in many cases, but if the device has no access to the Internet, you won't get anywhere. Even a movement profile cannot be set up with Apple's means alone. With our service you can have your iPhone located and thus find it faster. Of course, you can also track any Android phone with our software or any other mobile phone.

Locating via notebook, computer, tablet or smartphone

There are many ways to locate your lost mobile phone, no matter if it is a notebook, a computer or a smartphone and tablet. If you want to search your mobile phone you can also find your mobile phone. It does not matter if you use a Windows, Samsung, iPhone or Google device. The operating systems of Windows and iOS are equally suitable and it does not matter whether you use the mobile phones from Samsung or iPhone.

Self-location & remote location

Self-location is always used when you try to locate your own mobile phone by collecting the position data of your own mobile phone. The car navigation system is a good example. With foreign positioning, the positioning data is collected at a different location. Usually always at the location of the object you are interested in. An example of this is the location of a mobile phone after a theft.

Everything that has a SIM card can be located, primarily mobile phones and tablets. The tablet locating works just like the smartphone locating and can be used via apps. Of course, mobile phone number tracking only works for devices that also have a phone number and can therefore be tracked via the mobile phone number. This includes all mobile phones, numerous tablets and laptops with a built-in SIM slot.

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1 Frequently asked questions about mobile phone tracking

What is cell phone tracking?
The localization of a mobile phone is generally referred to as "mobile phone localization". Of particular interest here is the real-time determination of the location using various radio protocols such as GSM, GPS, WLAN, as well as Bluetooth and their transmission via SMS or Internet.
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In general it is not forbidden to locate a foreign mobile phone, but there are some things to consider.